Готовим изысканные блюда дома
Как приготовить дома те продукты, которые раньше
можно было попробовать только в ресторанах?


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Как приготовить простой вкусный суп из баранины. Рецепт супа из мяса. Еда для пикника. СУП из БАРАНИНЫ. ВЕГАНАМ не СМОТРЕТЬ. Видео на YouTube. https://youtu.be/AiT0mnmwJJ4...


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Hello, friends! The weather is so great today! And we decided to go to our mountain shack And cook something interesting and yummy! We’ve got lamb and a cooking pot in a trunk anyway Let’s get rolling!.

The guys from Shelkoviy Put company sent us another cooking pot With an oven It doesn’t have a chimney though Today we’ll see how it’s working I guess it’s fine Looks nice The walls are thick The Kazan (the pot itself) is already burnt and greased with oil And the nicest thing is that they give a discount to every subscriber of my channel.

All you have to do is say that you are from Georgiy Kavkaz channel the link is in the description Today we’ll cook lamb soup and shashlik (barbeque).

We’ll save fillet for barbeque And meat on bones is good for soup.

There’s real nature view on my background Not chromakey.

While the oven is heating let’s marinade our meat for shashlik.

We’ll use the simplest mix for it – mountain style.

Only salt Pepper.

And sparkly mineral water.

Meat is like sponge, It’ll soak up mineral water and become juicy.

It smells so good! Such a pity you don’t feel this aroma.

Onions will give our soup an intense taste.

I’ll roast them a little The tomato skin will peel easier.

Look, friends, what beautiful mountains are around us It’s weird there’s not one tourist in sight Like in wilderness I wonder where those tourists are Tell me: where do you prefer to go on vacation? It would be interesting to read your comments.

Angelina's unclear speech That's all.

I want more! Wait a bit! When it’s ready we’ll eat!.

This mountain air has boosted the kids’ appetite.

Go over there.

Friends, I want to raise this glass to the beauty of our mountains That surrounds us with its majesty There’s something mystical about the mountains Something inspirational I’ve never composed a poem in my life But here while I was cooking something came over me And I want to share with you A little poem that I composed “I got tired of city life Tired of vanity I had a dream about mountains I long to leave for them The stars are close up there And waterfalls are roaring The trees growing on the rocks Make a beautiful view The eagles are soaring high in the sky And my soul is striving after them I long to forget everything And rest here for at least a week” For the true beauty of Caucasus!

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